3 Great Things About Koh Samui

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Koh Samui is one of the most beautiful locations that Thailand has to offer. It is the second largest Island in Thailand and has plenty to show. During our travels throughout Thailand, Koh Samui was the island that captured our hearts the most. Surrounded by serene ocean views and filled with

amazing people, Koh Samui has the perfect balance of tranquillity and adventure.

#1 - People:

Our friend Johnny, always smiling walking up and down Chaweng Beach

One of the things that stands out most about the Island and that left a lasting impression is the

kindness of the locals. Everyone is extremely friendly and easy to approach/talk to. This isn’t your typical tourist destination, where locals often try to swindle your way out of your hard-earned

money (although this does still exist, so stay alert!). But instead, if you treat locals with the same respect and gratitude that they afford you, you will receive that back in abundance. One of our favourite experiences there, was playing beach football with the local team as nothing brings people together, quite like a game of football!

#2 - Scenery/Locations:

Koh Samui is filled with stunning locations, with over 10 beaches on the Island. My personal favourite was Bophut beach, due to the wide-variety of fantastic restaurants nearby as well, as the calmness of the location itself. Chaweng Beach deserves a mention too, purely because of its lively nature – particularly at night!

Chaweng is perhaps the most Westernised place on Samui. This means that it is filled with the hustle and bustle that can be found in major cities. However, this does make it great for meeting other travellers and people in general.

Unfortunately, many people who go to Samui often don’t venture beyond Chaweng, which means that most people often miss out on the best bits that Samui has to offer. An example being Na Muang Waterfall #1. Na Muang #1 is one of several waterfalls on the Island and stands at a towering 80 metres in height. Visiting the waterfall was a fantastic experience and presented a fantastic way to cool down from the soaring temperatures on Samui!

Additionally, due to the hilly nature of the island, Samui offers fantastic viewpoints. In our time there, the villa we resided in (Sunshine Ocean View) offered stunning views of the Ocean and the jungle right on our doorstep. We discovered this was just one of many fantastic viewpoints, and a stand-out experience for us was our safari through the jungle – which I cannot recommend enough. Once you reach the top of the jungle, you are able to see the whole Island as well as the surrounding islands nearby. A worthwhile mention has to be made to Best World Vision Villa, which as the name suggest also offers one of the best views in Samui. And if that all this isn’t enough, Samui is surrounded by Anthong Marine National Park – offering a fantastic opportunity to explore the local sea life.

Na Mueang Waterfall #1

#3 - Nightlife:

As aforementioned, Samui’s nightlife is extremely bubbly with a wide-range of beach clubs along with bars. The main spots are Ark Bar, Hush and Green Mango. However, for a quieter night out Coco Tams in Bophut offers a relaxing experience for a few drinks and shisha with your friends or family. With Koh Phangan only located 20 minute speed boat ride away from Samui, the run-up towards the Half-Moon and Full-Moon parties mean that the island gets extremely lively with plenty of people stopping-by to enjoy the sights before heading over.

A must do when visiting Samui is a trip to The Jungle Club. Offering some of the islands most stunning views alongside fantastic food, at very reasonable prices. Read our review of the jungle club here.

Coco Tams at sunset- a must do when visiting Samui

In summary, Samui is one of the most popular islands in Thailand for a reason. If you take the time, to engage with the locals, venture out of the main tourist areas and explore all the Island has to offer we can guarantee that it will capture your heart just like it did ours.


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