5 Reasons Why Gateway Villas are the Best

A Gateway villa is more than just a place to stay, you can lounge in the privacy of your own luxury villa, enjoy the same amenities you would be offered in a high-end Hotel and most importantly not have to break the bank!

One of the first things you’ll do as a traveller is to look for accommodation as you plan your next adventure. Having a safe, comfortable place to stay at night is extremely important especially in a foreign country.

Travellers are often painted in a disheartening light, where you’ll often hear stories of nightmare conditions in the budget hostels/hotels many travellers book. At Gateway we’re committed to changing this stereotype, willing to provide travellers with security and luxury so they can enjoy their well earned breaks and enrich their travels, all at a reasonable cost.

Here are a few reasons why we think you should book with Gateway:

1. Affordability

We agree, travelling can get expensive. With flights, food, accommodation and activities all adding up. That's why at Gateway we have developed the Villa Pool service, this allows you to connect with like-minded travellers, allowing you to cut down on expenses as you would be utilising shared bathroom and kitchen spaces. Even if your not up to sharing a room with another person or are travelling as a couple/group, our private room offerings are also worth checking into.

When travelling you will spend much of your time completing physical activities and will be out of the villa for long periods of time, this makes the relaxing facilities found in our villas such as cinema rooms and in-house spas, much more memorable and enjoyable than a traditional hostel or hotel.

2. Community

During our travels to Thailand as a group, this was our favourite aspect of living together in a shared villa. We had our fair few rough mornings in the villa where the in-house spas came in very handy. And also enjoyed nights and days where the lavish TV lounges became the ultimate place to hang-out and socialise. As you and the group you’re living with grow stronger connections, you never know, you may end up meeting a new travel buddy or a lifelong friend.

3. Security

One concern we came across during our travels, and also received from our guests is how secure our villas are. This is obviously a priority we are very aware of and have addressed with paramount importance when sourcing our villas. Rest assured once you are in your luxury villa you will feel very secure, just as we did during our travels.

Most of our villas include on-site security staff and are located in some of the safest neighbourhoods over all of our locations. Additionally, there are safety deposit boxes located in every room, so even if your sharing a room with people you don’t know you can remain certain your personal belongings are safe. If your require any further assistance regarding your safety do not hesitate to speak with your villa manager, who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

4. Friendly Staff

The staff at every Gateway Villa are absolutely awesome! Their main aim is to ensure you have the best experience. They can help with recommendations of where to go, what to eat and are even willing to share the hidden gems of your selected location, spots only a local would know about 😉.

Every villa comes with a dedicated villa manager who will be more than willing to help book any adventurous excursions you and your fellow travellers many want to embark on and will also be extremely happy to source any groceries or other items you may need. Also, all of our villas come with an included maid, who will ensure your villa remains spotless. All guests however should remember, they are not there to be taken advantage of, and guests are expected to keep their villa to a satisfactory level of cleanliness.

5. Gateway Extras

After you have safely landed at your chosen destination, allow the Gateway team to ensure your safe arrival at your chosen villa, while you battle the jet-lag (if you have any!). All bookings through our service will include a complimentary pick-up and drop-off to the airport as standard. This gives you more time to plan your next adventure.

How does a rooftop bar that overlooks Koh Samui sound? Or a beautiful outdoor pool complete with a bar stocked with endless margaritas? And of course everyone's favourite: free wifi. Just like hotels, our villas have many perks for travellers to take advantage of during their stay.

Also, members of the Gateway Key’s club can capitalise upon the many discounts available at many restaurants, bars/clubs and with a number of activity providers around all of our locations, to save some extra money and become part of one the most luxurious members clubs available. A Key’s club membership will also grant you access to the many villa parties the Gateway team will be holding, exclusively for Key’s club members only.

Here at Gateway we remain committed to ensuring our guests have the most memorable experience they can possibly have. Just head over to our Villa Pool page and fill in the form provided and will do the rest. We currently have over 400 Villas in our inventory; so it shouldn't be too hard to find a villa that works best for you!

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