Benefits of Traveling

The benefits of travelling encompass much more than just having fun and taking time off from reality. There are many additional benefits which aid in character building, developing life skills, and becoming the best version of yourself. Although the list of advantages one may seek while traveling can be endless in count, due to limited space, I must reduce this list to 5. This blog includes 5 benefits of traveling that have resonated with me the greatest.

1. Cultural Benefits of Travelling

It can be easy to think the world consists of what is immediately surrounding us. Although means such as the internet can provide endless images and videos, therefore, giving a good idea of what it’s like to be in any location in the world, there is no substitute of experiencing culture in real life.

Seeing new cultures and understanding how their lifestyles differ from yours will increase your cultural awareness and increase understanding for cultural differences. Broadening ones perspective in this way will make them smarter and more understanding. A famous quote by Saint Augustine, goes as “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page” couldn’t be more relevant.

2. Improved Social Skills

Improved social skills one may attain from travelling can be divided into two groups. The first is culturally related. Having experienced new cultures and engaged with locals from differing societies will improve one’s ability to communicate and relate to individuals from other nationalities.

Secondly, traveling is a social experience. Meeting new people and making new friends is often a desired aim. Being in new holiday environments will inevitable improve one’s social skills as they meet and hangout with new people.

3. Travelling Makes You More Interesting

No matter how good one is at conversation, there’s no doubt that adding a few extra travel experiences to the story bank won’t help. Sharing stories of the exotic places you’ve visited will not only introduce new perspectives and spice up the conversation, it will also grant you more attention.

After all, everyone would rather listen to stories of a week in Bali surfing, partying, and trying new delicious cousins than someone who sat in their garden reading the newspaper all summer.

4. Travelling Motivates

Upon arriving home from a long-lasting adventure and having re-charged mental batteries, many travellers report experiencing increased motivation. The increase in motivation will be reflected on your work and business career. Additionally, all the new skills one has learned during their travels can also be applied in work settings, further increasing chances of success.

5. Your Taste Buds Will Be Grateful!

With new cultures, comes new foods. While travelling, one may experience traditional cousins, local fruits, local vegetables, and even snacks. Exposing yourself to a wider variety of dishes will broaden your perspective on what foods are available around the world.

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