Best Time of The Year to Visit Bali

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Bali is located just below the equator which gives the island a warm and humid climate all year round. Therefore the cooler ‘winter’ months never go below 22C (72F)! Lets just say I wouldn’t mind living there all year round which is coming from someone who has lived in the UK all their life. With all the beautiful blue skies Bali has to offer it still has its high and low seasons like any other holiday destination. Which is why by the end of this piece you’ll have all the weather information you need to know as well as a couple other pointers about when is the best time of the year to visit Bali!

The first thing you’ll need to know is what are the actual high and low seasons in Bali. These tend to be classified by the dry season which runs from April to September and rainy season which takes up the other 6 months of the year from October to March. Its safe to say that Bali is at its busiest during the dry season, with July and August being the most favourable months for visitors. Although western holiday celebrations outside of the dry season also give Bali an influx of visitors during the Christmas and Easter months. The type of visitor Bali attracts during Easter and Christmas differs compared to the rest of the year as this is more of a family orientated time of the year and therefore maybe isn’t the best time to go if you’re a young group of friends. However, we all know what comes next after Christmas and that is of course New Years, a time of celebration and should I say one or two drinks at the beach either side of midnight. Personally I couldn’t think of a better way to go into the new year than with the people you love in one of the most spectacular settings the world has to offer.

As mentioned earlier July to August are when most people flock to Bali and there’s a good reason for this. This is when rainfall is at its lowest (on average it will rain only 4 days each month) and therefore you are likely to get the most sunny days out of the whole year during this period. Therefore if you like a bustling scene, meeting new people and basking in the sunshine this is the right time of the year to go for you.

If you are looking to miss some of the crowds but still see Bali in all of its glory, going just before and just after the peak season in May, June and September is the time for you. There will undoubtedly still be an epic nightlife scene, great weather and great people but with just a bit more space to move. What I think is the best thing about going during this period is that if you’re on a bit more of a budget this is the perfect time as you miss the peak accommodation and flight prices which can be up to 50% more. This gives you more money to spend on unforgettable activities when you’re actually there!

So to finish off here’s a little fact sheet with when would be the best time of the year to visit Bali in all of its glory. I hope you have a good one!

When best to go - Facts

May, June & September best time, April & October still good

Room prices for these months up to 50% off high season rates

Still dry and less humid

Not too crowded

Sea conditions excellent

Airfares still reasonable

Sales in Shops

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