Choosing the right luxury villa for you

Offering over 400 luxury properties in South East Asia, we have learned a thing or two about what factors to consider before booking your next luxury villa adventure.

Booking a villa most suitable for your needs and wants is important to ensure you have the best vacation of your life.


Location is a very important factor when considering to book your villa, although it may seem obvious, consider what places and venues you wish to visit during your stay and how far you’re willing to travel to get to them.

Some locations are busier than others. While some guests prefer living in areas with many tourists, others prefer peace and quiet.

So consider what you’d prefer before selecting a location.

Villa style and size

When picking a villa, make sure the building style suits your taste. While some of our guest prefer modern architecture, others admire traditionally.

The size of your luxury villa is very important. Being crammed in a small space is never fun for anyone. Make sure there is enough rooms, bathrooms, and communal spaces for everyone spread out and relax.


What surrounds your villa should be a reflection of what you’re seeking from your holiday. Beachfront views may mean less privacy while secluded jungle could mean.

With that being said, villas provide a private secluded feeling no matter what the location. Unlike in a hotel or hostel, the whole property is for you and only for you to enjoy.

Villa Meals

Food often makes up a big part of a vacation, decide whether you'd like to cook your own meals and eat out everyday, or have your own in house chef prepare local and international cuisines to suit your wants.

If searching for the right villa is a job too tedious for you then worry no more! Our villa finder service allows our clients to simply input their details and requirements and our specialised team will provide you with our top custom picks for you.

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