Full Moon Party Survival Guide

Perhaps the biggest party in the world, the Full Moon is one that should be included in everyone’s bucket list. Since 1985, this festive celebration has been uniting up to 30,000 party pioneers every full moon. Located on Ko Pha-ngan, the Full Moon Party is just a convenient/adventurous 30-minute boat travel away from Koh Samui. This Blog will give you a better understanding of what to expect in addition to top survival tips to make the most out of your festive experience.

Be sure to ask your handy villa manager if you require a helping hand for travel arrangements and ticket purchases.

Let the party begin!

The whole island of Ko Pha-ngan is sparked with a festive glow on this very special night, however, Sunrise Beach is where most of the action occurs. The beach is decorated with bars flamboyantly blasting out music of all genres including R&B, drum and bass, House, Psychedelic trance, reggae and many more. Before diving into the dancing crowd, pimp your skin up with glowing exotic colors and patterns by visiting one of many painting stools on your way.

Food 🍕🍔🍢

After hours of exhilarating dancing, it’s time to refuel! Just make your way back off the beach and choose from a large selection of street food menu items. Indulge in pizza, kebab, Pad-Thai, burgers, wraps, chips and many more. Just what you needed! If all the eating has sobered you up then not to worry. There are many stools where you may purchase buckets of alcohol to your fondness. If you’re on a budget, more bargaining power and cheaper deals may be found traveling further away from the beach.

Top 5 tips

1. Pace your Drinks! – It can be easy to get carried away while having so much fun, but the Full Moon party rolls over to the next day. We don’t want the fun ending before the clocks have even struck midnight.

2. Hydrate! – All the dancing and drinking in the unforgiving nighttime temperatures of Thailand will definitely be dehydrating you. Make sure to purchase water to stay energetic and healthy throughout.

3. Bathroom Breaks – The saying goes what goes in must come out. When nature calls, using a bathroom will cost you up to 15 Bhat (£0.37). For guys, many choose to do their business in the ocean, however, if you which for some additional privacy make sure to keep some spare change at bay.

4. Valuables – Thailand is generally a very safe place, but it’s probably a good idea to leave your expensive clothes, accessories, and shoes at home. Also, consider that what you lose you probably won’t find. So, make sure pockets are secure.

5. Don’t lose your friends – Whether you’ve met them using Gateway’s villa pool service, or ventured together from back home, the countless distractions, loud atmosphere and strong currents within the masses may lead to the unfortunate scenario of losing your friends. If this occurs, reuniting with them can be a difficult task due to poor mobile signal and crowded views. It is a good idea to always stick together and even set out a relocation point.

I hope this blog has provided you with some useful tip in making the most out of your Full Moon celebrations. I wish you the most enjoyable, memorable, and safe experience. Looking for accommodation for the Full Moon? Then be sure to check out some of the luxurious yet affordable villas Gateway has to offer on the paradise island of Koh-Samui 🏝.

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