High Park Samui- A Must For Adrenaline Junkies!


Wow, where do I begin! Possibly the most thrilling and heart stopping moment during my time in Koh Samui came at High Park. This small but intimate park showed a different side to Samui but kept the characteristics I came to love about this island, with its laid back persona and tranquil setting on top of one of the main viewpoints Samui has to offer. With that being said, High Park’s slide you see in the pictures really doesn’t do it any justice until you experience it in real life.

Entering the park for the first time really made me gulp as I looked up at this beast and then flying down the slide and into the air, for a brief moment I actually thought I was going to land in Phuket. However daunting the slide looks it was really one of the highlights of my time on the beautiful island. But that isn’t all High Park has to offer. The staff there are really friendly and excel in customer service. Offering us complementary drinks on arrival is something a group of young men could never turn down! With a games corner in the park there was a place to be competitive against friends and have the backdrop of the rest of the park to look at. We even played a few games of pool and table tennis with the staff (who demonstrated their superior skill at our expense).

The bean bag area gave us a chance to relax next to the pool and laugh at all the other people who dare to take on the slide. From all the swimming and intense table tennis matches we worked up an appetite which High Park caters for with a range of foods that will suit anyone’s taste. You can get a true taste of Thai with the local cuisine menu available (I recommend the chicken fried rice). But there is also a menu that caters for more western taste buds with pizzas and burgers also available. High Park caters for all types of parties looking to have a fun day out. A brilliant place for the family to come and bring the kids to have a day that they’ll never forget, or for a group of friends to come and simply have a laugh.

As the sun began to set over High Park this is where Samui came into its own for me. With a view of Chaweng Lake resting in the middle of the landscape and the deep Samui jungle to the right you really begin to admire nature’s beauty. To top things of the ocean gleams pleasantly in the distance to add that extra touch. Words really cannot describe this setting which is why High Park is number one on my list of things to do in Samui!

Our very own Papi Boateng, perfecting the back flip at High Park, Koh Samui.

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