Samui Night life (Our top picks)

From the very moment the mighty powerful sun of Koh Samui awakens, this spectacular island offers adventures catering for all types of interests, whether you’re in the mood for flipping your world upside down launching off the 300ft tall slide at high park, or just want to indulge in a relaxing massage in view of the sensational ocean, this fun packed island has something for everyone. However, the entertainment doesn’t need to halt there. From day till night, Koh Samui offers entertainment all around the clock. Expect boredom to become an emotion from the past

Once the sun commences, you can get your dancing shoes on and head over to Chaweng, where the Dj’s will be spinning music for all types of musical taste. The night life scene in Koh Samui is a unique experience, one that every individual must venture for themselves.

Hush Bar

However, if at any point the music gets too intense there is no need to worry. Just a 4 minute walk away you can find yourself singing along to the latest r&b hits at Hush Bar. This open plan venue offers an amazing combination of blissful music and exotic drinking. Expect to loose yourself to artist like Drake, Travis Scott and 50 Cent. The bar staff here are incredible and will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face with their tricks, jokes and sense of humour. If Shisha is your thing, then Hush Bars extensive flavour menu will pleasantly surprise with a wide range of exquisite flavours to select from.

Ark Bar

For all techno/house lovers, Ark Bar is the place to be. Situated on the beautiful beach of Chaweng, here you can lose your senses vigorously dancing away in tune to the Dj’s lively beats. Surrounded by coconut trees and the ocean, dancing on the sand gives that proper on an island sensation. If dancing is not your thing, there’s plentiful seating areas both outside and in. Although, Ark Bar can be relatively costly (500 Baht for 1 bucket), this is compensated with generosity in portioning.

Coco Tams

With its bamboo themed space and exceptional drink offers, Coco Tams will be sure to offer you unforgettable moments. While the DJ takes you on a musical beach house journey expect your mind to be blown away by the high-quality surround sound system. The staff here are very friendly and made us want to stay forever. Coco Tams offers a very chilled out environment, perfect for hanging out with friends. The bean bags are super comfy to relax on, making the wide range of menu items including Shisha, food and alcohol even more special.

Green Mango

Located on the same street as Hush Bar,Green Mango is a must visit. This large area night club offers two distinct dancing areas including stages where you can show off your latest dance choreography to all your friends. A good mixture of techno and r&b will be sure to keep you on your feet. However, if you ever get tired from all the performance, there is plenty full seating areas for you to recoup your energy and catch a breath. Green Mango is not only an amazing tourist attraction, but locals seem to love it also. The Thai community really know how to party hard. Experiencing their night life scene has been a joyful experience.

We hope you have a great night out in Samui! We know you'll love it.

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