With April just around the corner, what better time to write about Songkran.

What is Songkran you ask?

Songkran is the Thai New year national holiday from April 13th - 15th; Thousands of locals and tourists hit the streets on this special day to celebrate and get together. However, unlike the conventional festival, at this festival everyone has guns. Water guns! The entire country erupts into a merciless water fight. Water is a sacred substance, in Thai culture water is believed to purify the spirit, cleansing away bad luck while blessing one with good fortune.

During the Songkran period ALWAYS be on high Alert! No one is safe during this festive period. It might be a young child with a giant water pistol, or that innocent looking elderly lady launching a bucket full of ice cold water over your head.

Be extra careful hiring a Tuc Tuc. Driving past crowds in an exposed manner will definitely make you an easy target. Within moments, traveling in one of these vehicles may leave you drenched like never before.

While on the subject of vehicles, be sure to watch out for pick up trucks. These are often loaded with multiple hitmen waiting to attack their next target.

Top 5 Tips

1. Stay armed! For protection, make sure to purchase the biggest water gun you can.

2. Keep electronics in a waterproof case or leave at home.

3. Wear classes! Shots to the eye may hurt.

4. Don’t wear your most valuable clothing. This is not a fashion show.

5. Avoid riding a motorcycle. Water getting thrown from all angles + Wet road condition will make riding more difficult.

Songkran is where the land of smiles (Thailand) is blossomed with even more joy and happiness. Visiting Thailand during this period should definitely be on everyones bucket list. I hope this blog has provided you with insight on what Songkran is and how to prepare for it. Now go and get soaked!

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