Surfing Spots In Bali

Bali is a great destination for surfers, able to accommodate all levels of abilities, this exotic island offers a variety of beaches to pick and choose from. Here are my top beaches you should try if you want to experience surfing in Bali.

Kuta beach

One of Bali’s most famous beach resort destinations, Kuta beach on is located on the western side of the island conveniently close to the Ngurah Rai International Airport. Some of our Villas nearby include Villa Issy, Villa Jajliluna and Villa Shanti Dewi. Many Australian tourists choose Kuta beach as there go to location due to its rise in accommodation options, dining, and shopping scenes. Most busy times include July to August and the holidays season around Christmas and New year.

Bali Airport Reef

Nicknamed ‘Airport rights’ and ‘Airports left’, this beach has become a popular spot for surfers. The nicknames refers to the waves which are formed on each side of the Ngurah Rai International Airports landing strip which sticks out a huge 900m into the sea. The waves can be beginner friendly however during south-easterly trade winds, they can grow into larger barreling waves for the more advanced surfers. Best season is to go between April and October. Close to the shore is smaller waves around 1-2m, however, if you’re after something a little larger, then you may hire a boat to catch waves breaking around 1km to 2km away from shore.

Legian beach

Legian beach is known for its beach life and parties. The main attraction here is Legians extraordinary nightlife, and its beautiful soft sandy beach full of people tanning. Although at first this beach may seem like another Kuta, spending a day or two may change your mind. Surfers may expect to find waves from 1-3 feet in size. There are also surf school for those interested in learning such as The Ombak Legian Store & Surf and Rip Curl School Of Surf.

Seminyak Beach

The waves on this spectacular beach can reach swells larger than double of that in Kuta. Close by Seminyak features some of the most exotic villa’s Gateway has to offer in Bali including Villa Indes I, Villa Cendrawasih, Villa Kinaree. Seminyak also includes Dyanaha pura on the border of Legian It about the same quality of Kuta but much less busy including multiple surf schools.

Echo Beach, (Batu Bolong)

Nicknamed Echo Beach by surfers and referred to as Batu Bolong by locals after the temple of the same name there, this beach features small rocky crags that conceal a white sandy beach. This is a great location for sunset surfing! There are many stalls nearby where you can rent out surfboards. There are waves for all abilities here, although it’s worth noting there are no lifeguards so please be careful. A consistent break, flat rock floor, and under 2m waves makes Echo Beach a prime spot for beginner to intermediate-level surfers. This beach is also one of my favourite places to indulge in seafood.

Whether you're a pro surfer, or a first timer, I hope this blog has inspired you to explore the breathtaking picturesque beaches Bali has to offer.

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