The Gateway Mission

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

While at first impression Gateway may appear to be just another online travel agent, this could not be further from the truth. In this blog, I will demonstrate Gateways key values, exploring how we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the crowd.

The team

Gateway was originally founded by five friends who met at University and lived together ever since - a group set out to solve real-world problems through strategic solution making. For us, our University experience was a bond like no other - truly amazing. To finalize our educational venture, we celebrated by visiting Thailand Koh-Samui and booked our dream villa – a decision perhaps influenced by the increased awareness of such properties on social media.

While the organization of this event was strenuous by nature, it would only be possible as we were a pre-organised group, a group willing to overcome the hassle of arranging such a trip. We soon released that the villa experience is only accessible by organized clutches or high net worth individuals. We didn’t think this was beneficial or fair for both the consumer and the villa industry.

Discovering that loneliness is rising, simultaneous to an incline in solo travel, we decided to make a change. Our vision is a world where travelling alone couldn’t be any more social. A world where meeting your best friend is as easy as booking a trip away. A world where loneliness is a thing of the past.

Introducing Villa Pool

Bringing the social element back to travelling, the introduction of Villa Pool allows our clients to book a room in one of our stunning villas, while sharing our properties with likeminded people from all over the world. Filling in a short survey, travelers are profiled and matched with other individuals from around the globe. These individuals later share a luxury villa, create new memories, and indulge in new experiences together. Gateway travelers do not need to worry about finding friends anymore, we have that covered. Imagine a world where humans are connected like never before, where finding a best friend is not so hard. Idealistic yes, but not an impossible target.

The Gateway Promise

At Gateway, we feel that the holiday accommodation industry is overly product focused, an industry where the customer experience is not prioritized. That’s why we introduced our Gateway Promise. The Gateway Promise ensures our clients are free from the conventional holiday stresses. These include our lowest price guarantee - no need for countless hours searching for the best deal; free airport pickup and drop off; and even a free massage for every guest to start the holiday the right way. Our villa finder service enables customers to input their details, and our specialized team will respond with a selection of carefully selected villas to suit the requirements – searching endless hours for the right villa is a problem of the past.

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