The New Age Traveller

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

The New Age Traveller

Gone are the days where the furthest you could dream of flying is the country next door. In 2019, we are blessed with low-cost airlines which provide us with flexibility and ability to go to anywhere we want in the world at affordable rates. This means that we are living in an age, where travelling the world is more accessible than any other point in human history.

The world is a magnificently beautiful place to see, with more wonders than one can count, and I implore everyone to try and see as much of it as they can. For example, in South East Asia countries such as Thailand, Indonesia or Sri Lanka are so rich in culture and experiences that I can guarantee that a trip to any of these countries is sure to be life-changing.

In life you always want to evolve and grow and ultimately become the best version of yourself and I fundamentally believe that travelling is a fantastic way of unlocking your full potential. We, at Gateway, want to help you do this which is why we launched our ground-breaking new Villa Pool feature. We want to help you meet, connect and share experiences of a lifetime with new people and help you make friends for life.

Gone are the days where you go on holiday or travel to a new destination and your only option of accommodation is a hotel or even hostel with no in-between. With us you can have a more social yet luxurious experience in a state-of-the-art villa with either the people you love the most or new connections.

We Welcome the New Age Traveller.


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