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Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Gateway’s mission to transform the travel industry by providing a more social, memorable, and exciting travel experience starts with our Villa Pooling concept. In this blog, I will demonstrate the unfortunate issues that confront many travellers and our modern day society, while identifying how our unique model enables us to overcome these concerns.

The Solo traveler’s predicament

While the desire for glamorous living in luxury villa accommodation is rising (a trend influenced by the pretentious environment of social media), properties of such elite stature remain unattainable for those traveling solo. As most villas consist of multiple room designs, enjoying the prestigious accommodations of these properties becomes unreasonable for most. As a result, most solo travellers are necessitated to stay in less enchanting accommodations such as hotels or hostels.

While the recent increase in solo traveling is an undebated trend, it is important to consider the potential drivers of this movement. As a society, we have connected so deeply with each other online, however, have become ever more disconnected in real life. The importance of human connection is highlighted in psychological literature as a fundamental requirement for positive mental health. While solo travellers begin their adventure as individuals, meeting new friends and creating everlasting memories together is often a desired outcome. Unfortunately, neither of these aspirations are promised, leaving some travellers unsatisfied with their vacation (finding the right friends is not always so easy). Furthermore, depression amongst western societies is increasing at alarming rates, here at Gateway, we want to positively impact this occurrence by making traveling more social, accessible and effortless to organise.

What is Villa Pool?

Gateway’s Villa Pool concept allows our clients to book individual rooms from one of our 400+ amazing properties, making the Villa market accessible to more people than ever before. And it doesn’t end there - Our sleek, easy to use platform allows users to be connected with like-minded people from all over the world. Following the completion of a short personality survey, our specialised team ensures that travelers share villas with only those they’re most compatible with. Making friends has never been easier! The idea of sharing is now a concept which is generally accepted by most. The success of companies such as Airbnb, Uber, Bla Bla Car, and many more, have exampled how disruptive the sharing model can be. Gateway aims to utilise the power of peer-to-peer to provide the best villa experience for travellers.

Those travelling as individuals or small groups, utilising Gateway’s platform, will now be able to book their dream accommodation at fractional costs, whilst sharing the property with potential new best friends. Worrying whether one will meet the right group of friends becomes a concern no more.

Villa Pooling not only helps solo travellers but benefits groups as well. The strenuous organisation required to book luxury accommodation is a task often too much for some groups to manage (especially millennials). Determining who’s actually committed, arranging payment, and selecting a villa is all tasks which a group leader/organiser must attend. The absence of such management would prevent a booking being made. As Villa Pool takes individual payments, the organisational stress is alleviated from our clients, letting us do all the hard work.

The opportunities are endless, from arranging travel events to hosting networking retreats, leveraging the sharing economy enables Gateway Villa Rentals to expand the villa industry to more audiences than ever before.

This Blog has provided insight into how Gateway’s Villa Pool model will eliminate many of the issues solo travellers are confronted with who are looking for a luxurious social experience. It has shown how leveraging the sharing economy can expose luxury villas to new markets.

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