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Gateway Villa Rentals is the home of the most luxurious of villas, all our properties are quality checked to ensure they meet our elite standard of fine living. This blog will provide you with a simple yet effective workout you can complete if you want a workout but don’t want to leave the comfort of your lovely villa. 


Although many of our villas have their very own private gym, the workout presented here will not require any equipment meaning you can complete it any villa or space. The workout is great for fat burning and maintaining overall strength.


All exercises will be performed for 30, 60, or 1.30 seconds each for 5 sets. 2-3 minutes rest between sets is ideal. We suggest to take this time to appreciate the views from your villa 😍


1.    Squat Jumps

Make sure to avoid rounding the back, keep the chest up, and jump as high as you can. This move predominantly works the quadricep muscles.


You can swing your arms up to jump higher and work the shoulder area also.


2. Mountain Climbers 🧗‍♀

Aim to get the knee as close to the chest as possible while keeping the arms straight. Don’t forget to breathe throughout this exercise. Mountain climbers are a full-body workout but mainly activates the abdominal area.


3. Push-Ups

These must be performed utilising the full range of motion. Starting from the top position, the chest moves down almost touching the floor. Ensure the whole body is tight especially the glutes. Push performed on knees are an easier version if regulars are too hard.


The push up when performed correctly will work the chest, shoulders, and triceps, but is also a great core drill.


4. Straight leg raises

With straight legs, engage the tummy muscles up to allowing legs to reach 90 degrees. Feet shouldn’t touch the floor. Placing arms above the head will make this move more challenging.


5. High Knees


Similar to jogging on the spot, but instead you are driving your knees as high as you can. This drill is great cardio and good end to the workout.


6. (Bonus workout) Swimming

All Gateway Villas comes equipped with its very own swimming pool. Why not end the workout in style with a relaxing swim in your very own luxury villa. Cool down and relax, after this workout you will have earned it.


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