Terms & Conditions

1. Agreement


By booking on Gateway Villa Rentals the customer accepts these terms and conditions and confirms that he/she has been granted permission from all other party members included on the booking and therefore forming a contract between Gateway Villa Rentals and the customer. In turn this forms a contract between the property owner of the villa you are booking and the customer. These terms and condtions should be thoroughly read through before booking any Villa from the company.


2. Prices


All prices are displayed in USD. We accept other major currencies. Payments can be settled by bank transfer in the currency of your choice (AUD / CNY / EUR / GBP / JPY / USD). We also accept major cryptocurrencies as payments (BTC / ETH / LTC). This payment method can be settled by transferring the named cryptocurrencies above to the Gateway Villa Rentals wallet address. Let us know by email if you wish to pay via a cryptocurrency. Payment with the villa owner will be settled in their preferred currency. When a deposit is made in a different currency from USD, the balance is stored in the villa owners preferred currency and the invoice balance will be the exchange rate at the time the invoice is sent to you. All rates shown on Gateway Villa Rentals accommodate the maximum number of guests allowed in the property. Having more than the quoted number of guests shown on the booking confirmation is not allowed.


3. Price Guarantee

Gateway Villa Rentals guarantees the price of your villa will not change after you have made your booking and we have issued a confirmation of this booking. The offer does not apply to misquotes or pricing errors.

4. Reservations

Enquiries are held for a maximum of 48 hours and to secure the booking we require a written email confirmation and deposit. All reservations can be made on the contact us section of the website. All invoices will be sent by email. The standard terms are, we take a 50% deposit when you book your accommodation, and the balance is payable 60 days prior to your arrival.


5. Extras

Where extras such as cots, highchairs, or extra beds are required some properties may issue an additional charge. We stress that if extras are needed you request them well in advance to the dates you arrive. If the property does not have such items the customer will be informed of that at the time of booking and may be required to hire additional equipment. Extra items are subject to availability and must be requested at the time of booking.


5.1 Requests

Special requests (for example early check in or late check-outs) are not guaranteed. Although Gateway Villa Rentals will strive to accommodate requests if they are made well in advance of your arrival/departure. For some villas, extra fees may apply and will be charged directly by the property upon your arrival or departure.


5.2 Events

Guests must inform the villa if events within the property are to be hosted such as (dinner parties or special gatherings) which exceed the maximum number of guests the villa can accommodate. Some events may require special permits and extra staff and therefore additional fees may apply at the villas discretion.


5.3 Car/bike Rentals

We are happy to arrange any car or bike rental bookings for our guests. During busy high season periods booking in advance is essential to avoid disappointment of not being able to find rentals.


5.4 Airport Transfers

Complimentary airport transfers are in included for most villas with a minimum stay of 4 nights for guests arriving / departing on the same flight. Some villas do not include airport transfers and an additional fee applies for this service. Please check whether the villa you are interested in offers this before arrival.


6. Payment Conditions

A deposit of 50% of the price of your accommodation is payable at the time of booking. The remainder of your due balance of your accommodation is payable at least 60 days prior to arrival. If you book within 60 days of your arrival the full amount is due immediately to secure the booking. If the balance is not paid 60 days before your arrival we reserve the right to retain the deposit, cancel your booking and apply our cancellation charges as set out in Clause 7 below.


6.1 Payment Methods

You can pay online via credit/debit card (all major cards accepted) or arrange a bank transfer in your preferred currency (AUD / CNY / EUR / GBP / JPY / USD). You are responsible for all bank fees. A 50% deposit is required to secure the booking and the balance must be paid 60 days prior to arrival. Or you can pay the full amount at the time of booking to limit transactions. The same conditions apply for payments via Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.


7. Changes or Cancellations Made by the Customer


The Customer must notify changes or cancellations made on the booking to the Company in writing. We will do our best to help where possible with any reasonable changes made by the Customer, but changes may not always be possible. An administrative charge of USD $50 per booking for each change shall apply. Any additional costs charged to the supplier as a result to any changes made will also be passed onto the customer. All charges will be notified to the Customer in writing. Where the Customer has requested a change to the date of the holiday less than 60 days prior to arrival, the holiday booking shall be deemed cancelled if the dates requested are not available and the cancellation charges referred to below will apply. If the dates requested are available extra fees may apply from the pricing structure of seasons.

Any changes to the number of people in your party must be made known to us as soon as possible and where applicable any payment required by you in respect of additional persons shall be made in full if the change is requested less than 60 days prior to arrival.

In the event that you cancel a confirmed booking, the following charges will generally apply:

·         50% of the total rental amount will be forfeited if the cancellation is made more than 60 days before arrival

·         Up to 100% of the total rental amount will be forfeited if the cancellation is made between 1 and 59 days before arrival

The applicable penalty amount will be deducted from the amount of your deposit, and the Company will refund any remaining balance to you.


8. Changes or Cancellations made by the Company


8.1 Minor Changes

In the event of minor changes to your booked villa, once Gateway Villa Rentals are made aware of the changes we will always do our best to let you know of these changes. As holidays are booked in advance of arrival dates property owners may well make changes to the villas facilities and services which we may not know about. When these changes are not made known to us and a refund for a particular change is deemed suitable GATEWAY Villa Rentals are not responsible for bank fees to transfer the refund to you. In this case we suggest using cryptocurrencies as a method of payment to avoid the higher transaction fees with traditional banking institutions.


8.2 Major Changes

Although unlikely, in the event of a major change where customers could no longer reside in the villa they booked we do reserve the right to substitute different accommodation for the customer to an accommodate of a similar standard. The Customer then has either the option of either accepting the alternative accommodation offered by Gateway Villa Rentals (if the substituded accommodation is a lower price than the previously booked one we will refund the difference and if the new accommodations price is higher than the one previously paid we reserve the right to charge the customer the difference) or the Customer has the option of cancelling their booking and then we will try our best to promptly refund all monies paid. We are not liable for any extra compensation charges. All companies we work with have been reviewed by our team and deemed highly regarded and reliable although as we have no control over their company we cannot be responsible for anything they do.


9. Your Accommodation


9.1 Occupancy

Your accommodation is reserved solely for the guests that were confirmed on the invoice. The maximum number of guests a villa can accommodate should not be exceeded at any time unless agreed with the villa owner.


9.2 Villa Security Deposit

For certain villas, a deposit in the region of $250-$1000 is required as a ‘security’ in case there is any damage to the property that will need to be fixed such as furniture or additional cleaning. Your deposit will be reimbursed to you within 14 days of your departure date.

It must be stressed that any damage to the property must be reported to the villa manager  and any damaged caused will be deducted from the deposit. Please avoid using messy items within the property (paint/liquids that stain) as they can be extremely hard to get out of certain fabrics.

The Customer is responsible for leaving the property in the condition that they found it in. if excessive damage is caused to the property by a member of the residing party the owner reserves the right to repossess the property.


9.3 Services in the Accommodation


9.3.1 Telephone and Internet

If your property has a landline, your incoming telephone calls are free, however all outgoing telephone calls are charged according to usage and shall be charged, which will be invoiced for immediate payment. The Internet quality can vary from villa to villa and in some that are not in central locations may experience delays.

Some villas come with a complementary mobile/cell phone that you can use during your stay.


9.3.2 Utilities

Neither the Company nor the property owner will accept any responsibility for the temporary failure or interruption to the provision of either the utilities (gas, heating, electricity, phone) or Internet caused by events which are outside of our control, or should your devices be incompatible with the Internet/electric system.


9.3.3 Satellite TV

Where satellite television is we cannot guarantee the precise channels offered as these services change from time to time, and Gateway Villa Rentals may not be advised of such changes. If you ask us to clarify which services are supplied at a particular property we can usually find out. Neither the Company nor the property manager can be held responsible for the loss of provision of these services in the case of technical issues or should services be withdrawn by the provider for any reason.


9.3.4 Maintenance of Outside Areas

The customer’s private pool and garden area where mentioned, as well as the properties themselves will be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis during the customer’s stay by staff who have access to the property.


9.3.5 Maid Service

In most cases villas do not include personal laundry. However this can be organised at an additional cost.


9.4 Security Issues


9.4.1 Your Belongings

All baggage and personal belongings retained at the property are kept at the Customers risk. You are advised to secure the property and personal items in the security safe (if available) when you are not in residence and at night.


9.4.2 Swimming Pool

Many of our properties we host provide a private or communal swimming pool. The swimming pool of the villa is used entirely by the Customer, Customer’s group or its guests at their own risk. Since accidents happen, please be extremely careful, especially when the surrounding pool area is wet. We further advise that neither you nor any member of your party should dive into the pool, or use the pool while under the influence of alcohol. Children in the swimming pool area should be supervised at all times.

The Customer hereby releases Owners and its agents including Gateway Villa Rentals, of any claims demands, debts, contracts, expenses, causes of action, lawsuits, damages and liabilities, of any kind with respect to personal injury while using the villa’s pool.


9.5 Complaints


Gateway Villa Rentals strives to offer all of its customers the best holiday accommodation and with it the best holiday experience our destinations have to offer. However should the Customer have cause for complaint whilst on holiday the Customer should contact the Company directly via email or our telephone number. We will try our very best to rectify any problems that you may have with your holiday accommodation. If the complaint cannot be rectified whilst the Customer is on holiday the Customer should contact the Company in writing within 14 days of returning home from their booked holiday with Gateway Villa Rentals.


9.6 Arrival at and Departure from Your Accommodation


On your first day, your property is ready for your arrival at some time between 2pm and 3pm (depending on the property) or later by arrangement. Let us know your expected arrival time so we can plan to minimise any delay to your check-in. On your departure day your property checkout time is 11am / 12pm (see invoice) unless otherwise arranged with our local agent or house manager. We always try to arrange check-in and check-out times to suit our customer’s flight times but cannot guarantee times.

Where members of your party stay beyond the time of 11am / 12pm (see invoice) on the day of departure without the consent in writing of the Company we reserve the right to invoice the Customer in respect of any additional days spent at the accommodation, any additional cleaning time deeded by local cleaning staff, and any loss caused to the Company as a result of disturbance made to other holiday makers who would have been using the accommodation had it not been for the late departure of your party.

When you arrive at the villa the villa staff will take a photocopy of each guest’s passport shortly after arrival at the villa.

By law in most countries all guests must be registered with the local police station within 24 hours of arrival at their destination. A registration form will need to be filled out & signed by each guest and these papers will then be taken to the immediate village registration office.


9.6.1 Directions and Maps


We provide clear easy to follow directions giving the precise location of your chosen villa. When renting a villa through Gateway Villa Rentals we include return airport transfers for selected villas, or you can take a hire car from the airport should you prefer. If you would like us to talk you through the directions before you leave, we would be very happy to do so. Some villas come with a complementary mobile phone to call your villa manager/caretaker when needed in urgent situations. You can also use the phone to use as a navigation tool to direct you around your holiday destination.


9.6.2 Assistance Abroad

We respect your privacy and independence, and will provide you with local contact numbers for our staff as well as the staff of the villa you are staying in if it is on hand, should you need assistance or information.


9.7 Collection and Return of Keys

The collection and return of the accommodation keys is always the responsibility of the Customer. The keys should be either collected from the local villa manager unless stated otherwise at the time of booking. At the end of the holiday it is the Customer’s responsibility to return the keys to the same place where collected.


9.8 General Issues

We reserve the right to terminate your holiday if we deem your behaviour or a party members behaviour is likely to cause distress, damage, danger or annoyance to our other clients, employees, property or any third party. If you or a member of your party are prevented from travelling because in the opinion of any person in authority you or a member of your party appear to be unfit or likely to cause discomfort or disturbance to other parties, we will have no further liability to complete your rental arrangements. We will not be liable for any refund, compensation, or any additional costs incurred by you. We cannot accept any liability for the behaviour of others staying at our accommodation(s).


9.9 Building Works

In most areas, and developing areas such as Thailand, there is new building work taking place. We try to monitor developments near our villas as much as possible but this cannot be guaranteed. If we feel a neighbouring building plot or plots would seriously affect your property with either noise or dust pollution or both, we will try to let you know at the earliest convenience. If  you would like to be moved to a different accommodation then we will use our best endeavours to find an alternative property for you under the terms of our booking conditions as stated in Section 8.


9.10 Photographs

The photographs on our web site are normally up to date and give a general impression of the individual properties or resorts. However, the Company does not take any responsibility for any views or objects such as furniture etc. which appear in the pictures, but may have been removed or changed, nor for any changes to aspects of views since the pictures were taken, or descriptions compiled.


10. Force Majeure

We cannot accept liability in any circumstances where performance and/or prompt performance of our obligations is prevented as a result of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activities, natural disasters, industrial disputes, fire, nuclear explosion or adverse weather conditions.


11. Personal Requirements


11.1 Passports & Visa

Customers must be in possession of a passport, which is valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival and the completed embarkation/disembarkation card they received from their airline. Citizens of these certain countries will be able to apply for a VoA (tourist visa) valid for 30 days upon arrival by air in Bali, Jakarta and a few other international airports or by ship at a limited number of Indonesian sea ports. A 30-day visa is paid for on arrival and is extendable for another 30 days. Be aware that Immigration officials calculate the 30-day period as follows: your arrival day is counted as your first day, and you must leave the country on the 30th.

Some villa’s will ask for the passport of one party member if villas come with complimentary facilities like (cars/bikes/quad bikes).


11.2 Insurance

We strongly recommend that you take out a comprehensive insurance to protect you and all those that accompanying you for the full time of your visit against illness, injury, death, loss of baggage and personal items, cancellations and other travel contingencies. We also strongly recommend a health insurance that covers medical evacuation for emergencies. The owner is not responsible for Customer property loss or damage.


12. Agreement Non-compliance

Customers assure the Owner that any tenant who violates any of the terms of this Agreement shall be immediately denied occupancy and shall remedy any damages or other expenses caused by the Customer and/or the Customer guest(s).


13. Lawful Use

Customers and/or their guests shall not disturb, annoy, endanger, or inconvenience neighbours, nor use the premises for any unlawful purposes, nor violate any law or ordinance, nor commit waste or nuisance on or about the premises. Any inappropriate or destructive behaviour could result in the eviction of the entire Customers group without refund.


14. Non-Waiver

Should either Owners or Customers waive their rights to enforce any breach of this Agreement, that waiver shall be considered temporary and not a continuing waiver of any later breach. Although Owners may know when accepting rent that Customers are violating one or more of this Agreement’s conditions, Owners in accepting the rent are in no way waiving their rights to enforce the breach. Neither Owners nor Customers shall have waived their rights to enforce any breach unless they agree to a waiver in writing.


15. References in Wording

Plural references made to the parties involved in this Agreement may also be singular, and singular references may be plural. These references also apply to Owners’ and Tenants’ heirs, executors, administrators, or successors, as the case may be.


16. Waiver & Release from Liability

Customer hereby waives and releases, indemnifies, hold harmless and forever discharges the Company and its agents and employees and their respective agents, staff and employees from any and all claims, demands, debts, contracts, expenses, causes of action, lawsuits, damages and liabilities, of every kind and nature, including claims of Company or their employee negligence, whether known or unknown, in law or equity, that Customer ever had or may have arising from or related to participation in any of the events or activities, and for the duration of the stay at the stated property. The Company and their agents are not liable for loss, damage of property, to/of Customer or its group or guests. Customer assumes any risk, and takes full responsibility and waives any claims of personal injury, death or damage to personal property associated with the stated property including but not limited to man-made hazards associated with the property such as slippery shower basins, tubs, swimming pool facilities and natural hazards such as holes, ditches, fallen trees, branches, ice, snow, and or other irregularities in terrain and using the terrain including walking, jogging, biking or related activities. Customer primary contact needs to be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

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